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Miggy Cabrera

Looking to swing some deals in your fantasy baseball league? Try to involve some of these batters.

Kareem Hunt 2

Here are 5 running backs that can benefit your dynasty team this year or next. It’s not always about the top running backs in your draft.


If you think your MLB fantasy team doesn't need the power of Miami Marlins OF Justin Bour, you are missing out on more than a Golden Opportunity!


Keep up with the latest fantasy sports news and rankings from ASL.

Marcus Mariota

In this week's edition of "Ask ASL", find out who will be Marcus Mariota's top receiver and if Ronnie Hillman will find a job in the NFL.

Ask A Writer Website

Simply send your question to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. ASL's writers will answer as many questions as we can in next week's edition.


Missing football? Us too, especially in this fairly dull time of year. But there are still some NFL stories out there you should know about.

Mike Clevinger

These pitchers may have been overlooked in your fantasy baseball league, but they could provide you with quite a bit of value.

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