Fantasy Focus - St. Louis Rams

The St. Louis Rams are a new-look team, but it’s hard to see significant improvement from their 6-10 record last season. They traded for starting QB Nick Foles and fired previous OC Brian Schottenheimer after three years of unproductive offense with Sam Bradford and the bevy of other signal callers who replaced Bradford. The Rams’ passing game will remain weak due to a lack of outside weapons on this defensive oriented roster. Coach Jeff Fisher has made it clear that the ground game is the priority. St. Louis has stockpiled lineman and running backs. The Rams are still the worst team in the NFL for fantasy football purposes.

Fantasy Focus

The Tennessee Titans went 2-14 last season, tying with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for the worst record in the NFL. However, the Titans are a young team that has potential. This offseason the Titans have focused on building a better running game and preparing first round, rookie QB Marcus Mariota for their season opener. The Titans are looking to redeem themselves this season, and with the new strategies that Tennessee coaches hope to put into place, fantasy owners can hope to find some surprising picks late in the draft.

You’re going to hear a lot of auction strategy advice in fantasy news over the next few months as draft season heats up. Not all of it, but a lot of it is completely worthless. There, I said it. What really matters above all else, are your projections, identifying potential bargains before the auction, and how you make adjustments during the draft.

While the quarterback position is often overlooked on draft day thanks to the depth and overall consistency of the position, quarterbacks still offer a lot of value and the fantasy QB you pick will still be responsible for delivering a large share of your points on a weekly basis. You can take advantage of the depth of the position by waiting until later to find a quarterback who will still deliver good value to your team.

There are many rookies who are bound to take fantasy football by storm this upcoming season but here are the top ten rookies who can be immediate impacts from day one.

Points per reception leagues, or PPR leagues, are the new trend in fantasy football. With standard leagues being mocked as old fashioned and not hard enough, many commissioners are changing their settings to either half PPR (half a point per catch) or full PPR (one point per catch). It is important to stay current, so in order to make sure that you don’t fall behind in your fantasy leagues, we broke down the best fantasy WR values in PPR.

Fantasy Focus

The Buffalo Bills were arguably the most exciting team in sporting news this past offseason as they hired fiery coach Rex Ryan and acquired Pro Bowl running back LeSean McCoy.  After an improved 9-7 season in 2014, the Bills are looking to take one step further and see the postseason in 2015.

Amari Cooper

Every year there are rookie wide receivers that dominate on game day, and there are a lot that go undervalued. So here are the top ranked rookie wide receivers that can be solid flex starters, or even a number one fantasy WR.

The pool for starting RB Fantasy Football players is small. Sure, there are fantasy RB gold mines in the likes of DeMarco Murray and Le’Von Bell, but consistent, scoring RBs are rare. Injuries have sidelined many RBs in the league and have aided in the shift of gameplay by many head coaches to keep their stars healthy. The use of different RBs to fill certain roles, such as the third down, goal line, open field, and pass catcher has resulted in the decline of the “feature” RB, or the one-man role that Adrian Peterson and Matt Forte have played for their respected teams. This week on the Injury Round-Up, the article will focus on the injuries of supporting RBs and the 2015 season watch list of starting RBs that were injured during last season.


Rob Gronkowski, Jimmy Graham, Jason Witten. These tight ends are locks as starters for their NFL teams - and the fantasy football as well. Other players on this list are looking to take command of their position battle.