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Here are a few of the NFL stories ASL is tracking with training camps just two weeks away.

Rookie Draft Target

ASL’s Chad Samuels gives you some value players to draft in the second round of your rookie drafts to continue your draft haul.

David Johnson

You sent them, we answered them. This week’s questions are about our busts from last week.

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Leveon Bell

Many experts are ranking Arizona’s David Johnson as the top running back. However, a deeper look reveals that Le'Veon Bell will likely be the better bet in 2017.

Clint Frazier

The Yankees called up one of the top prospects in baseball and he's already hit three balls out of the park in just seven games.

Robert Kelley

What are this week's five most viewed football stats from Football Stat Manna?

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Miami Dolphins hype, the Patriots' RB situation, and Ezekiel Elliott comprise this week's NFL News Roundup.