Jimmy Nelson

 ASL's Brian Murphy provides a few names to consider if your fantasy baseball team is in need of some pitching help.

Da 500x300

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Nfl Pro Bowl

Building a dynasty team is like building a stock portfolio. ASL's Chad Samuels gives you some serious portfolio management guidance...

Julio Jones

What are this week's five most viewed football stats from Football Stat Manna?


Royals slugger Whit Merrifield just finished up a league leading 19-game hitting streak, but don’t worry, there’s more to come.


Are you a knowledgeable sports fanatic? See how you can become an ASL Fantasy Sports writer.

Antonio Brown

Looking to get some extra picks in your Rookie Draft? Got an aging star on your roster? Have questions about your team? Here are some studs to sell high.

Aaron Rodgers Number 1

ASL's Brian Murphy, Daniel Brown, John Adams Josh Rabbitt and Levi Andrew rank the top 20 QBs for 2017.


ASL's Brian Murphy explains why he will ignore the Saints' record-setting QB in drafts this summer.