It's not official, but let's speculate on the fantasy future of Marshawn Lynch, Oakland Raider.

Zach Britton

ASL's Brian Murphy recaps the flurry of activity in the back end of many bullpens and advises fantasy baseball owners what to do next.

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Get independent in-depth scouting reports based on film study and Moneyball-style metrics straight from R.C Fischer, consultant to NFL scouting execs. This is a "must have" for dynasty players.

Dak Prescott Cowboys Rookie Quarterback2

What are this week's five most viewed football stats from Football Stat Manna?


As Draft Day approaches, we know which quarterbacks are getting the hype, but which (Non QB) Offensive Players are at the top of the class?

Jay Cutler Bears

It's been a slow week for real meaningful fantasy football tidbits, but there are a couple of stories (rumors?) out there you should know about.

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Adrian Peterson

With Adrian Peterson still a free agent, ASL's Brian Murphy takes his best guess at where the all-time great will call home in the NFL this year.

Ryan Zimmerman

ASL's Brian Murphy highlights three players available in too many fantasy baseball leagues right now.

Cavs Pacs

The Cleveland Cavaliers all but conceded the top seed in the East to the Boston Celtics in a bizarre ending to the 2016-17 regular season.