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Online Betting In Thailand

There is a prohibition on betting in Thailand. There are only two allowed forms of betting in this country. That is horse races and the government-sponsored Thai lottery. Despite the prohibition, illegal gambling still exists in Bangkok and some provincial towns.

The past

Betting has long been a part of Thai society. There are several betting games the locals partook in. Examples are cockfights, bullfights, and boat races. Betting increased in the late 19th century. Foreign traders and immigrants introduced various games, and betting became mainstream. The Huay lottery came from China and became popular in Siam.


The Government of Thailand promoted legal dens as a source of revenue. However, the government had to close these dens down. It was to dampen criminal activity and bankruptcy-related to gambling. During the reign of King Rama V, any form of betting was not allowed. All the remaining gambling venues closed down on April 1, 1917.

In 1930, they passed a gambling act which they revised in 1935. During the premiership of Khuang Aphaiwong, the ministry of finance became in-charge of legalizing gambling. This period of legalization did not last long. The media and the public attacked the government’s attempt to earn extra revenue from casinos.


Illegal betting is still widespread in Thailand. Because there was a ban for all casinos, online betting sites became popular. Football is one of the most beloved sports in Thailand. A lot of people wager on these sports. Due to the advance in technology, bettors can now place bets online. There are many online betting sites, such as UFABET1168 available for bettors.

Post up

Both Asian bookies and UK bookmakers operate on post up. It means you can only bet how much is currently in your account. You can cash out at any time. With Asian bookies, you get these cashouts direct to your Thai bank account.

Asian bookies

There are many benefits when you use Asian bookies. Online betting sites usually support a lot of languages like Thai and English. Depositing is easy through direct bank transfer in Thai Baht. There are no currency exchange fees because of this. Payouts to Thai banks are without any charge. You can also enjoy many live-dealer casino games such as roulette, BlackJack, and baccarat. You can even play online slot machines and dice games.

They also cover all the major football leagues. Examples are the English Premier League, German Bundesliga, Italian Serie A, and Spanish La Liga. Other European and Asian leagues are also available.

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